Dalda Cooking Oil 1 x 5 KG

Dalda Cooking Oil Price In Pakistan :

Dalda cooking oil has been popular in Pakistan for many years. The brand was started in 1937 and is the oldest oil and ghee brand in the country. People love cooking with Dalda because it adds great flavor to their food and is affordable.

The price of Dalda Cooking Oil (1L x 5) is Rs. 2,570.See also price of RED BULL.

Are you looking for the latest price of Dalda cooking oil in Pakistan? Check the updated prices below:

Cooking Oil TypePrice
Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 3 LtrRs. 1,790
Dalda Canola Oil 4.5 Litres BottleRs. 2,535
Dalda Sunflower Oil 4.5 Litres BottleRs. 2,570
Dalda Canola Oil 1x5kg Pillow PouchRs. 2,755
Dalda Cooking Oil 1x5kg Pillow PouchRs. 2,780
Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 4.5 LtrRs. 2,590
Dalda Olive Oil 500mlRs. 2,306
Dalda Kalonji Canola 5 LtrRs. 3,290
Dalda – Canola Oil Pouch 1 Ltr 5 Pcs PackRs. 3,440
Dalda Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 LitreRs. 3,455
Dalda Corn Oil 4.5 Liters BottleRs. 4,440
Dalda Sunflower Seeds Cooking Oil 4.5 LtrRs. 4,940
Dalda Fortified Cooking Oil 10kgRs. 9,140
Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Fortified 16 Ltr Jerry CanRs. 10,209
Dalda Canola Oil 16 Ltr Jerry CanRs. 10,808


Factors Affecting the Dalda Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan:

The prices of Dalda Cooking Oil in Pakistan are influenced by many factors. Here are some key factors that affect its price:

Global Crude Oil Prices:

Dalda Oil prices are linked to global crude oil prices. Since Pakistan imports a lot of oil, changes in international crude oil prices can impact Dalda Oil prices. Factors like geopolitical tensions and supply disruptions can cause these changes.

Exchange Rates:

Dalda Oil is imported, so changes in exchange rates affect its price. If the Pakistani rupee falls against major currencies like the US dollar, import costs rise, leading to higher Dalda Oil prices.

Government Policies and Taxes:

Government rules and taxes also affect Dalda Oil prices. Changes in taxes, import duties, or regulations can directly impact the price of Dalda Oil in Pakistan.

Transportation Costs:

The cost of transporting Dalda Oil affects its final price. Factors like fuel prices, road taxes, and maintenance costs can increase transportation expenses, thus impacting Dalda Oil prices.

Market Demand and Supply:

The demand for oil products in Pakistan, including Dalda Oil, depends on economic growth, industrial activity, and consumer behavior. Changes in these factors can impact Dalda Oil prices.

Seasonal Fluctuations and Weather Conditions:

Seasonal changes and weather conditions also affect the demand for oil products. For instance, in peak summer and winter, the demand for energy for cooling and heating increases, impacting Dalda Oil prices.

Today’s Dalda Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan:

For the latest prices of Dalda Cooking Oil, check whatisprice.pk.

Varieties of Dalda Cooking Oil in Pakistan:

Dalda offers different types of cooking oils, including:

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Soybean Oil

These varieties cater to different cooking preferences and dietary needs.

Benefits of Using Dalda Cooking Oil in Pakistan:

Dalda Cooking Oil has many benefits:

  • It has a natural flavor.
  • It is rich in vitamin E.
  • It is cholesterol-free.
  • It is widely available in Pakistan.
  • It has attractive packaging.
  • It is always fresh.

Future Outlook for Dalda Cooking Oil in Pakistan:

The future of Dalda Cooking Oil depends on market trends, consumer demand, economic conditions, weather, exchange rates, and competition.


In conclusion, Dalda Cooking Oil is popular in Pakistan for its quality, affordability, and availability. It has become a trusted brand among consumers, offering a reliable option for cooking needs. Dalda’s focus on health and quality makes it a favorite in many Pakistani households.

For more information, visit whatisprice.pk.


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