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Oppo A78 Price & Specifications

Oppo A78

  • CPU: Octa-core
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB Built-in,
  • Display: 6.43 Inches
  • Camera: Dual Camera: 50 MP
  • OS: Android 13 OS

Oppo A78 Specs & All Features


Status Available
Price 71999


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Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Design 5 / 10
  • Display 6 / 10
  • Camera 5 / 10
  • Multimedia 6 / 10
  • Features 5 / 10
  • Connectivity 6 / 10
  • Call Quality 5 / 10
  • Usability 6 / 10
  • Performance 5 / 10
  • Battery 6 / 10

Oppo A78 Cool Smartphone with Best Stuff

The Oppo A78 is a fancy phone that lots of people in Pakistan really like. It’s got a bunch of cool things inside it that make it a good phone. Let us check out what’s so cool in Oppo A78 new mobile 2024.

The Outside Look and Oppo A78 Price in Pakistan:

The A78 by Oppo is a thin and cool-looking phone. It’s not too big or heavy, so you can hold it easily. You can get it in two nice colors: Mist Black and Aqua Green. That way, you can pick the one you like more. The Oppo A78 price in Pakistan is Rs. 71,999, which is not too expensive for all the cool things it can do.

The Screen and Oppo A78 Specs:

The Oppo A78 smartphone has a big, colorful screen. It’s 6.43 inches big and looks really nice. When you look at pictures and videos on it, they look clear and bright. The screen is tough too, like a superhero, because it has Gorilla Glass 5 to protect it. It also has a special thing called a “90Hz refresh rate” that makes everything look smooth. These Oppo A78 specs make it a great choice.

How it Works and Oppo A78 Specification:

Inside the Oppo A78, there are lots of tiny parts that work together to make it do cool stuff. It has a special brain called a processor with eight parts that make it work fast. It runs on a special system called Android 13 with ColorOS 13.1, which is easy to use. That’s an important Oppo A78 specification.

Loads of Space and Oppo A78 RAM:

The Oppo A78 has plenty of space inside it. It has 8GB of RAM, which helps it do many things at once without getting tired. That’s a good amount of Oppo A78 RAM. It also has 256GB of storage, where you can put apps, pictures, and videos. If you need even more space, you can add a memory card.

Taking Pictures and Oppo A78 all features:

If you like taking pictures, this phone is good for that. It has a camera on the back with 50 megapixels, which means it can take really clear photos. There’s another camera that helps make things look nice and blurry in the background. You can also take videos with it. On the front, there’s a camera for selfies, and it’s 8 megapixels. These are some of the Oppo A78 all features.

Connecting and More and Oppo A78 Speed:

The phone can connect to the internet with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also knows where you are using GPS, like when you use maps. There’s a special place to plug in a charger called USB Type-C. The phone even has NFC for paying with your phone. It can use fast internet too, like 4G, which makes the Oppo A78 speed really good.

Battery and Charging:

The phone has a big battery that can last all day. And the best part is, it charges really fast. In just 30 minutes, it can get to 76% battery, so you don’t have to wait long to use it again.

Price and Where to Get It:

You can buy the Oppo A78 in Pakistan for Rs. 71,999. It’s not too expensive for all the cool things it can do. You can also find it in other countries for about $220. The Oppo A78 latest mobile price is very affordable by all middle class Pakistani.

So, if you want a phone that looks cool, takes great pictures, and does everything you need, the Oppo A78 is a good choice. It’s a phone that’s worth checking out, whether you love taking photos, doing lots of things on your phone, or just want a nice and stylish smartphone.

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