Are you looking for a washing machine? Do you want to know about Haier washing machine prices in Pakistan? If yes, then this article is for you. We will talk about Haier washing machines, their prices, and why they are a good choice. stay with us we will provide you the Haier Washing Machine Price In Pakistan 2024 Rate list for all Models.

Haier Washing Machine price In Pakistan

What is a Washing Machine?

A washing machine is a device designed to clean clothes. It simplifies the washing process and saves time compared to traditional hand washing. In a washing machine, you add your clothes, washing detergent, and water, and the machine takes care of the washing cycle. It shakes the clothes in the soapy water to remove dirt and stains, then spins to dye and remove excess water. This fitting appliance is important in modern families, making it easy to keep clothing clean and fresh without the need for physical rubbing and soaked.

Why Haier Washing Machines?

Haier is a famous brand for home appliances. Their washing machines are known for being strong, lasting long, and having many features. They are a good choice for families.Haier washing machines provide excellent value for money with their cutting-edge features, spacious drum sizes, energy-saving performance, and extensive warranty coverage

Different Models and Prices :

Haier has many models of washing machines. They come in different sizes and prices. Some are big, and some are small. Some have more features, and some have less. The price depends on these things. Here Below see the Haier Washing Machine Price In Pakistan 2024 Rate list for all models and Sizes with Its Specifications.

Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-35₨23,400.00Model HWM-80-35
Haier Washing Machine HWM80-50₨24,500.00Model HWM80-50
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-60₨25,000.00Model HWM-80-60
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-35 FF₨28,000.00Model HWM-120-35 FF
Haier Washing Machines HWM-75-AS₨33,500.00Model HWM-75-AS
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-AS₨34,000.00Model HWM-80-AS
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-AS₨38,000.00Model HWM-100-AS
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-186 W₨38,500.00Model HWM-80-186 W
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-BS₨39,000.00Model HWM-100-BS
Haier Top-Load Washing Machine HTW 110-186₨45,000.00Top Load, Model HTW 110-186
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-AS₨47,500.00Model HWM-120-AS
Haier Washing Machines HWM-70-BP12826₨71,500.00Model HWM-70-BP12826
Haier Washing Machines HWM-85-1708 (TOP LOAD)₨72,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-85-1708
Haier Washing Machines HWM-85-826 (TOP LOAD)₨68,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-85-826
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-BP10829₨78,400.00Model HWM-80-BP10829
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80BP12929S3₨79,000.00Model HWM-80BP12929S3
Haier Washing Machines HWM-90-1789 (TOP LOAD)₨78,500.00Top Load, Model HWM-90-1789
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 70-BP10829₨88,000.00Front Load, Model 70-BP10829
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-BP14826₨91,500.00Model HWM-100-BP14826
Haier Washing Machines HWM-95-1678 (TOP LOAD)₨91,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-95-1678
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 80-BP10829₨96,000.00Front Load, Model 80-BP10829
Haier Washing Machines HWM-150-826 (TOP LOAD)₨97,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-150-826
Haier Washing Machines HWM-80-B14876₨102,000.00Model HWM-80-B14876
Haier Washing Machines HWM-150-1708 (TOP LOAD)₨104,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-150-1708
Haier Washing Machines HWM-150-1789 (TOP LOAD)₨105,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-150-1789
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-B14876₨108,000.00Model HWM-100-B14876
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 90-BP14959S8₨111,000.00Front Load, Model 90-BP14959S8
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1678 (TOP LOAD)₨115,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-120-1678
Haier Washing Machines HWM-150-1678 (TOP LOAD)₨118,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-150-1678
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 100-BP14929S3₨117,000.00Front Load, Model 100-BP14929S3
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-B14876₨122,000.00Model HWM-120-B14876
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1789 (TOP LOAD)₨101,000.00Top Load, Model HWM-120-1789
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1978 DD₨155,000.00Model HWM-120-1978 DD
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 120-B1558₨250,000.00Front Load, Model 120-B1558
Haier Washing Machines HWM-150-1978 DD₨172,000.00Model HWM-150-1978 DD
Haier Washing Machines HWM-85-BP12826₨85,700.00Model HWM-85-BP12826


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Haier washing machine 8kg price in Pakistan :

The 8kg model is good for small families. It can wash many clothes at once. The price is not too high, making it a good choice for many people. Haier Washing Machine 8kg price In Pakistan 2024 is 71,999 – PKR.

Haier washing machine 12 kg price in Pakistan:

The 12kg model is bigger. It is good for bigger families. It can wash more clothes at once. It costs more than the 8kg model. Haier Washing Machine 12kg price in Pakistan is 133,899 – PKR.

Haier washing machine 15 kg price in Pakistan :

The 15kg model is even bigger. It is best for very big families or for washing lots of clothes. It is the most expensive of these three models. Haier Washing Machine 15kg price In Pakistan is 104,999 – PKR.

Haier washing machine 8.5 kg price fully automatic :

The 8.5kg fully automatic model is special. It does everything by itself. You just need to put in the clothes and detergent. It is easy to use and good for busy people. Haier Washing Machine 8.5kg Price In Pakistan 2024 Fully Automatic is ₨ 63,999.

How to Choose the Right Model :

When choosing a washing machine, think about:

  • Size: How big is your family? How many clothes do you need to wash?
  • Features: What features do you want? Some machines have special features like quick wash or saving water.
  • Price: How much money can you spend? Choose a model that fits your budget and see the Haier washing machine price in Pakistan Today 2024.

Where to Buy :

You can buy Haier washing machines in stores or online. Sometimes, you can find good deals and save money. Look for sales or discounts. Haier washing machines are a good choice for many families. They come in different sizes and prices. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget. Remember to look for good deals when buying the Haier washing machine see the complete table of Haier washing machine price in Pakistan 2024.



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