Haier AC Price in Pakistan Today

Haier Ac Price In Pakistan 2024, the weather can get extremely hot, making air conditioners (ACs) a must-have in many homes. Haier is a leading brand when it comes to ACs, offering a range of models that cater to different needs and preferences. This article will explore the various Haier AC models available in Pakistan as of June 2024, focusing on their features and the advantages they offer. we are also going to explain the Haier AC DC inverter price in Pakistan Today June 2024.

Haier AC Price in Pakistan All Models :

Haier provides a wide array of AC models, including both standard and DC inverter types. The standard ACs are known for their reliable cooling, while the DC inverter ACs are popular for their energy efficiency, which can lead to lower electricity bills. see below the Haier Ac Price In Pakistan rate list for all models.

Price (PKR)


Model Type

164,000Haier 18HFMDG/013WUSDC(W) Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
148,000Haier HSU-12HPM/012SDC(W)-T3-Thunder Inverter AC1-Ton
124,000Haier 12HFMDS(W) Marvel Inverter AC1-Ton
124,000Haier Marvel Inverter HSU-12HFMDG/013WUSDC(W)1-Ton
124,000Haier 12HFMCC DC Inverter AC Marvel1.0-Ton
148,500Haier 18HFCA (W) Triple Inverter AC1.5-Ton
148,500Haier HSU-18HFCM DC Inverter AC1.5-Ton
210,200Haier HSU-18HJUV/013WUSDC(G) Triple Inverter AC1.5-Ton
350,000Haier HPU-24HDZ/DC(G) Floor Standing Dunzin Inverter AC2.0-Ton
330,000Haier HPU-24HDZ/DC(W) Floor Standing Dunzin Inverter AC2.0-Ton
166,000Haier 18HFPAA Inverter AC Black1.5-Ton
335,000Haier 2.0 Ton Inverter AC Floor Standing HPU-24HE/DC(IK)2.0-Ton
200,000Haier HSU-18HPM Thunder T3 Inverter AC1.5-Ton
164,000Haier HSU-18HFMCE Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
164,000Haier HSU-18HFMCE Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
130,000Haier HSU-18CFCM Turbo Cool Split AC1.5-Ton
166,000Haier HSU-18HFPCA Inverter AC1.5-Ton
99,000Haier HSU-12CFCM Split AC Turbo Cool1-Ton
122,000Haier 12HFCF Triple Inverter Smart AC1-Ton
124,000Haier 12HFM DC Marvel Inverter AC1.0-Ton
130,000Haier 12HFPAA Pearl Inverter AC1-Ton
164,000Haier 18HFMAE Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
215,000Haier HSU-24HFCD Triple Inverter AC2-Ton
164,000Haier 18HFMAC Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
148,500Haier Inverter AC HSU-18HFCA1.5-Ton
148,500Haier 18HFCN Triple Inverter AC1.5-Ton
148,500Haier 18HFMAD Marvel Inverter AC1.5-Ton
122,000Haier HSU-12HFAD DC Inverter AC1-Ton


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Most Searched Haier Ac Price In Pakistan 2024 :

As the Summer season arrives with a lot of heat and the Pakistani people start searching about the different Haier Ac Price In Pakistan some of the most common Haier Ac Price In Pakistan searches we will let you know about this. The Pakistani People Nowadays mostly searching for the Haier ac price in Pakistan 2024 1.5 ton, Haier AC 1 ton price in Pakistan, Haier DC inverter ac 1.5 ton price, Haier ac price in Pakistan 2024 2 ton, haier dc inverter ac price in Pakistan 1 ton, and the price of Haier AC 1 ton 12 HFC in Pakistan.

Haier AC Price in Pakistan 2024 1.5 Ton :

The 1.5-ton Haier AC is a popular choice for medium-sized rooms. It offers quick and efficient cooling, making it perfect for beating the summer heat. These models come with various features such as auto-cleaning, turbo cooling, and more, to enhance user convenience and comfort. The Haier ac price in Pakistan 2024 1.5 ton may cost you around 160,000 PKRs.

Haier AC Price in Pakistan 2024 1 Ton :

For smaller rooms, the 1-ton Haier AC is an ideal option. It consumes less power and is more affordable than larger models. These ACs are equipped with features like sleep mode, timer, and different fan speeds to provide a comfortable and customized cooling experience. Haier ac 1 ton price in Pakistan is in between 120,000 PKR to 140,000 PKR.

Haier DC Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Price :

The 1.5-ton Haier DC inverter ACs are known for their energy-saving capabilities. They can adjust their cooling output based on the room’s temperature, which helps in reducing power consumption. These models are also quieter and provide more stable cooling compared to non-inverter ACs. Haier DC inverter ac 1.5 ton price in Pakistan Today 2024 is around 1.5 Lac PKRs.

Haier DC Inverter AC Price in Pakistan :

Haier’s 1.5-ton DC inverter ACs are designed to offer efficient cooling while minimizing energy usage and Haier Ac Price In Pakistan. They come with advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to control their AC from their smartphones. These models are suitable for those looking to save on energy costs without compromising on comfort. Haier DC Inverter AC Price in Pakistan is good and also affordable.

Haier AC Price in Pakistan 2024 2 Ton :

For larger spaces, the 2-ton Haier AC is the perfect solution. It has the power to cool bigger rooms quickly and maintain a comfortable temperature even during the hottest days. These ACs often come with additional features like air purification filters and humidity control to ensure a pleasant indoor environment.Haier AC Price in Pakistan 2024 2 Ton  is very suitable for big families with price range of 2.5 Lac to 3.5 Lac PkRs.

Haier AC 1.5 Ton Price in Pakistan :

The 1.5-ton Haier AC models are among the most sought-after options in Pakistan. They strike a good balance between cooling capacity and energy efficiency, making them a great choice for most households. These ACs are designed to provide reliable cooling while keeping energy consumption in check.

Haier DC Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 1 Ton :

The 1-ton Haier DC inverter ACs are perfect for small rooms and are designed to be energy-efficient. They adjust their cooling power based on the room’s needs, which helps in saving electricity. These models are a smart choice for those looking to reduce their energy bills while enjoying effective cooling.

Haier ACs are a popular choice in Pakistan due to their reliability, range of features, and options for energy savings along the Haier Ac Price In Pakistan 2024 is much more affordable for many families. Whether you need a small 1-ton AC for a compact room or a powerful 2-ton unit for a larger space, Haier has a model that can meet your needs. When  choosing an AC, it is important to consider the size of the room, the features you want, and the energy efficiency of the unit. By selecting the right Haier AC, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable indoor environment even during the hottest months.


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