Khursheed fan price List 2024

In Pakistan, Khursheed fans are known for their quality and affordability. Whether you need a ceiling fan, pedestal fan, or a 30-watt fan, Khursheed offers a wide range of options. Understanding the prices of these fans can help you make an informed decision when purchasing. This article provides a detailed overview of Khursheed fan price in Pakistan 2024, including the Khursheed AC/DC fan price in Pakistan, ceiling fan price in Pakistan today 2024, and royal fan AC/DC price in Pakistan, helping you find the best fan for your needs.

Khursheed Fan Price in Pakistan:

ModelPrice (Rs)
ABD Model10,700
Penta Model Ceiling Fan25,000
Icon Model10,700
King Model10,900
Prime Model11,200
Flower Model10,700
KD-777 Invisible Blade Fan25,000
Madina Model12,500
Tricon Model12,200
Grace Model11,300
Crown Model11,700
Waterproof Model11,100

Khursheed Fan Price List in Pakistan:

When it comes to Khursheed fan price lists in Pakistan, the prices can vary based on the type and model of the fan. Generally, Khursheed fans are priced reasonably, making them a popular choice among Pakistani households. The price range for Khursheed fans starts from as low as PKR 2,000 and can go up to PKR 10,000, depending on the fan’s features and specifications.

Several factors influence the prices, including the fan’s size, power consumption, and design. For example, a simple ceiling fan will cost less than a fan with advanced features like remote control or energy-saving technology. Understanding these factors can help you choose a fan that fits your budget and needs.

Khursheed Ceiling Fan Price List:

Khursheed ceiling fans are one of the most popular types of fans in Pakistan. They come in various sizes and designs, catering to different preferences and room sizes. The price of Khursheed ceiling fans typically ranges from PKR 3,000 to PKR 8,000.

Some of the most popular models include the Khursheed 56-inch ceiling fan, which is perfect for larger rooms, and the Khursheed 48-inch ceiling fan, ideal for smaller spaces. These fans are known for their durability and efficiency, providing excellent air circulation at a reasonable price. When choosing a ceiling fan, consider the size of the room and the fan’s power to ensure optimal performance.

Khursheed Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan:

Khursheed pedestal fans are another popular choice, especially for areas where ceiling fans are not suitable. These fans are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another, making them highly convenient. The price of Khursheed pedestal fans in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,500 to PKR 6,000.

Some of the top models include the Khursheed 16-inch pedestal fan, which is perfect for personal use, and the Khursheed 18-inch pedestal fan, ideal for larger areas. These fans are equipped with adjustable height and oscillation features, providing flexibility and convenience. When purchasing a pedestal fan, consider its size, power, and additional features to ensure it meets your needs.

Khursheed Fan Price in Pakistan 2024:

Looking ahead to 2024, the prices of Khursheed fans are expected to remain stable, with slight variations depending on market trends and economic factors. The Khursheed fan price in Pakistan 2024 is anticipated to range from PKR 2,500 to PKR 9,000.

New models with advanced features like energy efficiency and smart control are expected to be introduced, offering more options to consumers. Keeping an eye on market trends and promotions can help you get the best deal on Khursheed fans in 2024. Whether you’re upgrading your current fans or buying new ones, Khursheed fans will continue to be a reliable and affordable choice.

Khursheed Fan 30 Watt Price in Pakistan:

For those looking for energy-efficient options, the Khursheed 30-watt fans are an excellent choice. These fans consume less power while providing sufficient air circulation, making them ideal for reducing electricity bills. The Khursheed fan 30-watt price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,000 to PKR 5,000.

These fans are suitable for small rooms or areas where high power is not required. The low wattage ensures that you save on energy costs without compromising on performance. When buying a 30-watt fan, consider the size of the room and your cooling needs to ensure you get the best performance.

Comparing Ceiling Fan Prices in Pakistan:

When comparing ceiling fan prices in Pakistan, Khursheed fans stand out for their affordability and quality. Compared to other brands, Khursheed offers competitive prices without compromising on performance. Their fans are known for their durability, efficient air circulation, and low maintenance, making them a great investment for any household.

In conclusion, Khursheed fans provide a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a ceiling fan, pedestal fan, or an energy-efficient 30-watt fan, Khursheed has something for everyone. Their reasonable prices and reliable performance make them a preferred choice among Pakistani consumers.


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