Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan 2024 Today
Today Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan 2024:

In a world where energy resources are essential for economies and daily life, the price of petroleum in Pakistan is very important. It is a topic that sparks curiosity, conversations, and attention across the country. Let us talk about the current price of kerosene oil in Pakistan and the latest updated Diesel price in Pakistan today.

Today Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan 2024 list:

If you do not What is the price of 1 liter of kerosene oil? then here is you are on the write page to find Kerosene oil price in Pakistan as government of Pakistan has announced latest Kerosene oil price in Pakistan today 2024.

Kerosene OilUnitRate per Liter
Kerosene OilPer LiterPKR 190.36

Simple Explanation:

Energy resources like kerosene oil are crucial for running economies and supporting everyday activities. Because of this, knowing the price of kerosene oil in Pakistan is very important for many people.

Why It Matters:

The price of kerosene oil affects many aspects of life in Pakistan. It influences household budgets, transportation costs, and overall economic stability. Therefore, keeping an eye on the current price is essential for everyone.

Current Price:

Let us take a look at the latest Mitti ka tel price in Pakistan for 2024. Understanding this can help you plan your expenses and stay informed about changes in the energy market.

By knowing the price of kerosene oil, you can better understand its impact on your daily life and the broader economy۔

What is Kerosene Oil?

Kerosene oil, also known as paraffin oil or “mitti ka tel,” is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon. It is extracted through the distillation of crude oil and serves multiple purposes such as heating, lighting, and powering engines and machinery.

How is Kerosene Oil Made?

Kerosene oil is obtained during the refining process of crude oil, after gasoline but before diesel is refined. It is extracted right after removing crude compounds during the initial distillation phase.

Advantages of Using Kerosene Oil:

Kerosene oil offers several advantages that make it suitable for various applications:

  • It provides reliable heating and lighting.
  • It powers engines and machinery effectively.

Disadvantages of Using Kerosene Oil:

However, using kerosene oil in engines designed for diesel or petrol can severely damage the engine.

Factors Affecting Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan:

The price of kerosene oil fluctuates due to several factors:

  • Crude Oil Prices: Global crude oil costs directly influence kerosene oil prices.
  • Exchange Rates: Weaker local currency against the dollar can increase prices.
  • Taxation and Regulations: Government taxes affect the final cost in Pakistan.
  • Transportation Costs: Logistics impact prices, especially in remote areas.
  • International Market Dynamics: Global supply, demand, and geopolitical tensions also play a role.


The unpredictable kerosene oil price in Pakistan pose challenges for consumers and businesses alike. Given its importance in various sectors, stable pricing policies and effective regulations are crucial for economic stability. For more information, visit



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