Dawlance Washing Machine Models and Prices in Pakistan 2024

Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan 2024

In today is fast-paced world, washing machines have become an important household appliance. They save time and energy by cleaning clothes more efficiently than traditional methods. In Pakistan, one of the leading brands in the home appliance industry is Dawlance. Known for its quality and reliability, Dawlance offers a wide range of washing machines to provide to the needs of different families. In this article, we will Explain the various models of Dawlance washing machines, their features, and Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan. All washing machines of Dawlance company create little errors and problems before the warranty claim date, so generally users love to buy them without hassle.

Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan March 2024 :

Model NameTypePrice
DWT-1471 FLP Automatic Top Load Washing MachineAutomatic Top Load₨100,500
Single Tub Washing machine DW9200 CFLSingle Tub₨32,000
DWT 1167 FLP Top Load Washing MachineTop Load₨81,000
DWT 11671 FLT Automatic Top Load Washing MachineAutomatic Top Load₨87,000
DWT255ES Top Loading Washing MachineTop Loading₨76,000
DW9200 WFL Advance+ Washing MachineAdvance+₨31,500
Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine DWT 1166 X ADSTop Loading Automatic₨102,500
8kg Washing Machine DW 6550 Twin TubTwin Tub₨38,500
Washing Machine DW9100C CLEAR LID (WHITE)CLEAR LID₨30,000
Washing Machine DWT260S LVS PlusLVS Plus₨83,000
Washing Machine DW7500 Twin Tub Clear LIDTwin Tub Clear LID₨44,500
Washing Machine DWT 1470 PL₨103,500
11Kg DWT-1165 PL Automatic Washing MachineAutomatic₨85,500
7Kg DWF-7120 W Inverter Automatic Washing MachineInverter Automatic₨152,000
Automatic Washing Machine DWT-9060EZ SilverAutomatic₨72,500
17Kg 1775PL Fully Automatic Top Load Washing MachineFully Automatic Top Load₨135,000
Washing Machine DW9100C Clear LIDClear LID₨30,000
8Kg DWF-8200X Inverter Automatic Washing MachineInverter Automatic₨255,500
8 Kg DWF-8120 GR Inverter Automatic Washing MachineInverter Automatic₨227,500
7Kg DWF 7200X Inverter Automatic Washing MachineInverter Automatic₨167,500
Dryer DS9000 White LIDDryer₨28,000
Dryer DS6000 Clear LIDDryer₨22,000
Washing Machine 8 Kg – DWT255₨71,000
Washing Machine 8Kg DWT260C LVS PlusLVS Plus₨88,500
Washing Machine 12Kg DW9100G₨32,000
7Kg Washing Machine DW 7500₨45,500

Dawlance Washing Machine Types:

Before we dive into the specific models and their prices, it’s important to understand the different types of washing machines available:

  1. Top-Load Washing Machines: These are the traditional models where clothes are loaded from the top. They are generally more affordable and have shorter wash cycles.
  2. Front-Load Washing Machines: In these models, clothes are loaded from the front. They are known for better cleaning performance and are more energy-efficient than top-load models.
  3. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines: These require some manual intervention. They have separate tubs for washing and drying, allowing you to transfer clothes from one tub to another.
  4. Fully Automatic Washing Machines: These Fully Automatic Washing Machines by Dawlance are the most convenient as they automate the entire washing process. Just load your clothes, add detergent, and select the wash program.
  5. Washing Machines with Dryers: These models come with built-in dryers and spinners, providing a complete washing and drying solution.

Dawlance Washing Machine Models and Prices in Pakistan 2024 :

In 2024, Dawlance continues to impress with its wide range of washing machine models in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for a 7kg machine for a small family or a large 10kg model for larger families, Dawlance has got you covered. The brand also offers innovative solutions like double washing machines for added ease and models with built-in dryers for those seeking an all-in-one solution.

Fully automatic machines provide ease of use, while semi-automatic options provide to those on a budget. Whatever your needs, Dawlance is lineup in 2024 has a washing machine that is just right for you.See below the Dawlance Washing Machine Models and Prices in Pakistan 2024 for different models.

Dawlance Washing Machine 8kg Price in Pakistan:

    • The 8kg capacity is perfect for medium-sized families. It can handle a decent load of laundry, making it a practical choice. The price range for a Dawlance washing machine price in Pakistan 8kg is expected to be around Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000, depending on the model and features.

Dawlance Washing Machine 10kg Price in Pakistan:

    • For larger families, the 10kg capacity washing machine is ideal. It can accommodate more clothes, reducing the number of wash cycles needed. The Dawlance washing machine 10 kg price in Pakistan is likely to be between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Dawlance Washing Machine spinner and dryer 7kg Price in Pakistan:

    • The 7kg capacity is suitable for small families or individuals. It’s solid and more affordable, making it a popular choice. In 2024, the price for a 7kg Dawlance washing machine is expected to be around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

Dawlance Double Washing Machine Price in Pakistan:

    • The double washing machine, also known as a twin tub, features separate compartments for washing and drying. Dawlance double washing machine price in Pakistan cost-effective solution for larger families. The price range for a Dawlance double washing machine in 2024 is expected to be Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000.

Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan:

    • Dawlance’s fully automatic washing machines offer ease and efficiency. With various wash programs and features, they provide a hassle-free laundry experience. The price for a Dawlance automatic washing machine in 2024 is anticipated to be around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000.

Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine 9kg Price in Pakistan:

    • The 9kg automatic washing machine is a great option for larger households. Dawlance washing machine automatic Model offers ample capacity and advanced features for a thorough wash. The expected price for this model in 2024 is between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000.

Dawlance Washing Machine with Dryer Price in Pakistan:

    • For those looking for an all-in-one solution, Dawlance washing machines with built-in dryers are an excellent choice. They save space and time by washing and drying clothes in one go. The price range for these models in 2024 is likely to be Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000. The new Dawlance Washing Machine with Dryer is mostly purchased by middle-class families, and are mostly offered in the dowry or wedding Jahez package.

Dawlance Washing Machines Features to Know:

When choosing a Dawlance washing machine, consider the following features as the dawlance washing machine price is important but there is also important to Know its Features:

  1. Capacity: Select a capacity that suits your family size and laundry needs.
  2. Wash Programs: Look for machines with multiple wash programs to handle different types of fabrics and stains.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Consider models with energy-saving features to reduce electricity consumption.
  4. Spin Speed: Higher spin speeds result in faster spinning and drying times.
  5. Build Quality: Durable materials and construction ensure a longer lifespan for the machine.
  6. Ease of Use: User-friendly controls and displays make the washing process more convenient.

Conclusion :

Dawlance washing machines offer a range of options for Pakistani households in 2024. Whether you need a solid model for a small family or a large-capacity machine for a big family, Dawlance has you covered. By considering the capacity, type, and features that best suit your needs, you can find a washing machine that provides efficient cleaning and fits your budget. Remember to check the latest dawlance washing machine price in Pakistan 2024 and models before purchasing to ensure you get the best deal.


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