In Karachi, something exciting is happening soon for the prize bond lovers and holders: the Rs 1500 Prize Bond Draw on May 15, 2024 result list will be reviled. People are waiting for this day because they might win big prizes on the rs 1500 prize bond draw day, Prize bonds are like tickets for a lottery. 1500 prize bond list 2024 Karachi will be announced in 15th may 2024.

They are a way for people to try their luck and win money. The Rs 1500 prize bond is popular because it is affordable for many people, and the prizes are good. This draw in Karachi is special because it is a big event that brings hope and excitement to lots of people as they wish to win they will see the Rs 1500 bond draw in karachi on may 15 2024 today. here on this website we are facilities our visitors with providing the 1500 prize bond list 2024 online check.

Rs 1500 Prize Bond Draw no 98 result list :

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1500 prize bond result list

When you purchase a prize bond, you are essentially entering a lottery. Each bond has a unique number, and the bond numbers are entered into a draw. The draws are held periodically, usually monthly or quarterly, and the winning bond numbers are announced. If your bond number is selected, you can claim a cash prize. The size of the prize depends on the denomination of the bond and the specific draw.

What Prize Bonds Are All About

Prize bonds are a way for people to save money and have a chance to win prizes. You buy a bond, and then you might win cash prizes through lucky draws held regularly. as the result of 1500 prize bond will be announced you will get here the 1500 prize bond list 2024 pdf download.

The Big Day: Draw No. 98 in Karachi

Draw No. 98 in Karachi is a significant event for Prize Bond fans. It is happening in a big city, so there is a lot of buzz and excitement around it. as the 1500 prize bond list 2024 will be announced in the city of Lights Karachi on 15th May 2024. Rs 1500 bond draw in Karachi on may 15 2024 online.

What You Can Win

There are different prizes you can win, like first prize, second prize, and so on. The first prize is usually a lot of money, which could change someone’s life see the details of the 1500 prize bond list 2024 online check results list.

  • Bond Worth: Rs. 1500
  • City: Karachi
  • Date: 15-05-2024
  • First Prize: 3,000,000 PKR
  • Second Prize: 1,000,000 PKR
  • Third Prize: 18,500 PKR
                         DRAW OF Rs.1500/- PRIZE BOND
                               HELD AT KARACHI
Draw No.:  98th                                               
Series  : COMMON DRAW            			Date : 15/05/2024

First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.1,000,000/- Each

556791 829256 885029

Third Prizes of Rs.18,500/- Each (1696 Prizes)


How to Claim Prize Bond Money?

If you win a prize bond, claiming your money is easy! Just take your winning bond to any bank or the State Bank of Pakistan. They’ll help you fill out a form, and then you’ll get your prize money. It’s important to keep your bond safe until you claim your prize!

Where Can I Buy a Prize Bond?

Buying a prize bond is simple. You can get one from any bank in Pakistan or authorized dealers. Just go to the bank, tell them you want to buy a prize bond, and they’ll help you out. You can buy as many bonds as you like, so feel free to try your luck!

How Much Tax Deduction on Prize Bond in Pakistan?

When you win a prize bond, the government takes a little bit of tax from your winnings. The tax rate is different depending on how much you win. But don’t worry, the bank will take care of it for you when you claim your prize money.

How Many Prize Bonds are in One Series?

Each series of prize bonds has a set number of bonds. For example, in the Rs 1500 prize bond series, there are thousands of bonds. The exact number can vary, but there are always plenty of chances to win! Just remember, the more bonds you have, the higher your chances of winning.

The Rs 1500 Prize Bond Draw no 98 result in Karachi on 15th May 2024 is a big deal for many people. It is a chance for dreams to come true and for people to hope for a better future. So, if you are feeling lucky, why not join in the excitement and buy a prize bond? You never know, you might just be the next big winner. Rs 1500 bond draw in Karachi on may 15 2024 date will be also available for online check on different sites.


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