Introduction :

You know, chicken is very important for us in Pakistan. It is like, everyone eats chicken almost every day. So, today I want to talk about chicken prices in Pakistan in 2024. It is good to know how much money we need for chicken in different cities, right? Let’s find out together.

 Chicken Rate List Today All Cities In Pakistan :

Chicken (چکن)1 KgRs.638
Boneless Chicken (بونلیس چکن)1 KgRs.1100
Live Chicken (زندہ چکن)1 KgRs.440
Chicken Liver (چکن لیور)1 KgRs.650
Skinless Chicken (جلد کے بغیر چکن)1 KgRs.780
Country Chicken (دیسی چکن)1 KgRs.1200

Understanding Chicken Prices :

First, let us understand some things. There are different types of chicken. Broiler chicken is what most of us eat every day. Desi chicken is special; it is like the chicken that grows in villages, eating natural stuff. And when we say whole chicken, we mean the entire chicken, not cut into pieces. we have also provided the chicken rate in Karachi. The price can change because of many things like how much it costs to feed them or if more people want to buy chicken. today chicken rate in Pakistan is Changing day by day so stay updated with us for daily updates.

Chicken Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan :

  • Lahore: In Lahore, today chicken rate list Lahore shows different prices sometimes. It is good to check often. chicken rate today Lahore is RS 619 per Kg
  • Faisalabad: If you are in Faisalabad and wondering, “What is the price of 1 kg chicken in Faisalabad today?” it might be different from yesterday. Always ask for the latest rate. you can check here the latest chicken rate in Faisalabad.
  • Islamabad: Chicken in Islamabad also has its price. People there check the today chicken rate in Islamabad to know how much they will spend.
  • Other Cities in Punjab: Punjab has many cities, and each city has its own today chicken rate in Punjab Pakistan. It’s like every city plays its own game with chicken prices.

Types of Chicken and Their Prices :

Broiler chicken is what we see in most shops. Its price can go up and down. For Desi chicken, it’s usually more expensive because it’s special. The whole chicken price can tell you how much you pay for a whole bird. Remember, prices are not the same everywhere.

How to Stay Updated with Chicken Prices :

You might ask, “What is the chicken rate in Pakistan today?” Well, you can ask in the market, or sometimes they put the price list on a board. Some people use their phones to check prices online. It’s smart to know the prices so you can plan your money better. Zinda chicken rate today in Pakistan is also updated on this website daily.

Impact of Price Variations

When chicken prices change, it affects all of us. If the price goes up, maybe we cannot eat chicken every day. It is important for people who sell chicken and for us who eat it to know the 1 kg chicken rate today. This way, we can decide when to buy chicken or maybe wait until the price is lower.

Conclusion :

So, my friends, knowing chicken prices in Pakistan today in 2024 is very helpful for all of us. It helps us to plan our meals and our money. Let’s keep an eye on the chicken price in Pakistan today 2024 rate list in different cities and share information with our friends and family.

FAQs :

  • What is the chicken rate in Pakistan today? It changes, so always ask for the latest price. like today chicken rate Lahore and different cities.
  • What is the price of 1 kg chicken in Faisalabad today? This can be different each day. Check in your local market. The price of chicken in Faisalabad changes daily for the latest and updated chicken in Faisalabad 2024 you can visit
  • What is the price of wholesale chicken in Pakistan? This depends on where you live. Each city has its price the price of chicken in Different cities is different.
  • What is the price of Desi chicken in Pakistan? Desi chicken is special, so it costs more. Check the latest rate near you.

I hope this guide helps you understand about chicken prices in Pakistan. Remember, prices can change, so always check the latest rates.


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