Exide Technologies is a globally known leader in the trade and delivery of automotive and industrial batteries. Exide has well-known itself as a trusted name in the battery industry, providing reliable power solutions for a wide range of applications. Here on this website Whatisrpice.pk we will provide you Exide Battery rate today in Pakistan 2024 and features of Exide batteries.

Exide batteries are known for their strength, performance, and innovative technology. The company offers a various collection of batteries, catering to various vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and marine applications. Their motorized batteries are designed to deliver consistent and efficient power, confirming reliable starts and continued performance.

Exide batteries

Excide Batteries Price list today In Pakistan 2024 :


ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
EXIDE GL50-Plus937 Ah11000
EXIDE N65L1145 Ah13100
EXIDE SOLAR-50520 Ah7000
EXIDE SOLAR-100960 Ah15600
EXIDE EX110R1585 Ah21500
EXIDE HP1501395 Ah26250
EXIDE N13517100 Ah26500
EXIDE NS20027150 Ah39750
EXIDE N22025170 Ah43750
EXIDE NS250-Plus31200 Ah53500

Excide Batteries Specifications :

Exide specializes in industrial batteries, serving sectors such as telecommunications, renewable energy, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Their industrial batteries are designed for high performance and long life, meeting the demanding requirements of critical power applications.

Exide is sustainability promise is plain in its focus on developing environmentally friendly technologies. They try to create batteries with reduced environmental impact, employing advanced recycling processes to minimize waste and help responsible battery removal.

With a global presence and a reputation for quality, Exide continues to be a leading force in the battery industry, providing power solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers and industries worldwide.

Excide Battery Uses ;

Automotive Batteries: Exide provides a wide range of batteries designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. These batteries are engineered to deliver dependable starting power and nonstop performance, meeting the demands of different automotive applications.

Industrial Batteries: Exide industrial batteries provide to dangerous power needs in sectors such as telecommunications, renewable energy, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. These batteries are designed for durability and high-performance, providing a reliable source of power for vital applications.

Marine Batteries: Specifically designed for marine applications, Exide marine batteries guarantee reliable and efficient power for boats and other watercraft. These batteries are made to endure the challenges of marine environments and deliver consistent performance.

Recreational Batteries: Exide offers batteries for recreational vehicles, including those used in RVs, campers, and other leisure vehicles. These batteries are designed to meet the unique power requirements of amusing applications, providing a dependable source of energy for various onboard systems.

Commercial Batteries: Exide provides batteries for commercial and heavy-duty applications, serving sectors such as construction, agriculture, and industrial machinery. These batteries are built to withstand the inflexibilities of demanding commercial use



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