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Dates Latest Prices in Pakistan Today:

Dates, or Khajoor, are a tasty and healthy fruit that many people in Pakistan love to eat. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them a great natural energy source. Dates are especially popular during Ramadan.

With so many kinds of dates available, it can be hard to know which ones to buy and find the best khajoor price in pakistan. This simple guide will help you understand the latest prices of dates in Pakistan today, including the 1 kg dates price in Pakistan today, Ajwa dates price in Pakistan today, Irani dates price in Pakistan, and Aseel dates price in Pakistan. Stay updated on dates price in Pakistan 2024 and plan for the upcoming dates price in Pakistan 2024. Additionally, discover the best ajwa khajoor price in pakistan 2024 and convenient options to buy dates online in Pakistan.

Dates Latest Price in Pakistan Today list 2024:

Product NamePrice (₨)
Mabroom dates Khajoor 250gm Pack – Premium Quality Dates from Saudi Arabia1,200
Medjool Dates (250gm Pack)1,150
Saudi Mabroom Dates (250gm Pack)1,150
Ajwa Dates (250gm Pack)1,150
Mabroom Dates (250gm Pack)1,130
Ajwa Khajoor Jumbo Size (250gm Pack)1,100
Irani Mazafati Dates (500gm Box)1,000
Sukkari Dates (250gm Pack)650
Arabian Dates (250gm Pack)300
Mazafati Dates (250gm Pack)250
Sahreefa Dates (250gm Pack)250
Dry Zahidi dates Khajoor From Iran (1kg Pack)770
Dry Zahidi Dates (250gm Pack)200
Dry Iran Dates (250gm Pack)200
Irani Mazafati Dates (500gm Box)550

Latest Prices of Dates in Pakistan:

The latest dates price in Pakistan for 2024, Stay updated on the 1 kg dates price in Pakistan today and explore the best deals on Ajwa dates price in Pakistan today. Whether you’re looking for premium Irani dates price in Pakistan or local favorites, we have you covered. Check the current dates price in Pakistan 2024 and plan your budget for the upcoming year with the anticipated Khajoor price in Pakistan 2024. Find the best Irani Khajoor wholesale price in Pakistan and conveniently buy dates online in Pakistan. Get the finest Aseel dates price in Pakistan at unbeatable rates.

  • Ajwa Dates: These are usually more expensive because they are considered very special and nutritious.
  • Medjool Dates: Known for their large size and sweet taste, Medjool dates can be a bit pricey.
  • Deglet Noor Dates: These dates are often more affordable and are great for everyday use.
  • Sukkari Dates: These are sweet and soft, and their price can vary.

    Different Varieties of Dates

    Pakistan offers a delightful range of “Khajoor” each with its unique taste and texture. Here are some popular kinds to consider:

    • Dates (Basic): A widely available and affordable option, these dates are a good starting point.
    • Asil: Slightly larger and softer than basic dates, Asil dates have a slightly sweet taste.
    • Mabroom: Known for their sweet texture and rich sweetness, Mabroom dates are a popular choice.
    • Ajwa: Considered a premium variety, Ajwa dates are prized for their deep color, intense sweetness, and numerous health benefits.
    • Qalmi: These large, fleshy dates offer a sticky sweetness and are often filled with nuts.
    • Amber: Offering a delightful balance of sweetness and caramel notes, Amber dates are a great all-rounder.

    Tips for Buying Dates in Pakistan

    Here are some helpful tips for buying the perfect dates:

    • Freshness is key: Choose dates that are plump, soft, and have shiny skin. Avoid dates that are dry, wrinkled, or crystallized.
    • Consider Variety: Choose a variety based on your taste preference and budget.
    • Wholesale can be cheaper: If you eat dates regularly, consider buying them in bulk from wholesale markets for better prices.

    Benefits of Dates

    Dates or Khajoor are more than just a delicious treat. They offer a lot of health benefits, including:

    • Rich in fiber:Khajoor aid in digestion and promote intestinal health.
    • Natural energy source: Rich in sugar and carbohydrates, dates provide an energy boost.
    • Essential vitamins and minerals: Dates are a good source of potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and K.
    • May improve heart health: Studies show that dates can help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

dates are a delicious and nutritious fruit with many varieties to suit different tastes and budgets ut also the Shilajit is a powerful food with good Shilajit Price In Pakistan Today 2024. By choosing fresh dates, considering the different types available, and buying in bulk when possible, you can enjoy the numerous health benefits they offer. For more information on prices and varieties of dates in Pakistan, visit Enjoy exploring and tasting the diverse range of dates available, and make an informed choice to benefit from this wonderful fruit.


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